Client Testimonial

A message from Jason Minsky, Executive Director of Christmas in the Park


Jason Minsky

I recently posted to my Facebook page an announcement for the next CEN Leader Institute class. The first line in the post read “Are you ready to recharge your leadership skills”. I bring this up because this is exactly what the program does for you, it puts the paddles to your chest and says “clear” and then “boom” you are alive again.

I am in my fifth year as Executive Director for Christmas in the Park, a holiday festival that runs from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day in Downtown San Jose. I have been a volunteer and have chaired many non-profit events in my life, but this is my first stint as the “face” of an organization where it is my responsibility to keep a 37-year old tradition alive and well. The pressure I feel can really affect not only how I am at work, but also my personal life. CEN’s Leaders Institute takes both “lives” into consideration.

"… this is exactly what the program does for you, it puts the paddles to your chest and says 'clear' and then 'boom' you are alive again."

However, the program’s mission to “foster  Each month you listen to non-profit professionals and learn more than just how to better organize your financials or deal with a board member who is “too involved”, you learn about yourself and what you need in your own life to be successful. From day one I looked at this as more of a “personal exploration” where I would learn some best practices for my organization. I am of the belief that as long as you come away with “one thing” then attending a workshop or seminar is worth it. With Leaders Institute you come away with multiples every month and are able to share your own success stories to better help other members of your class.

My new adventure with CEN: Recently I was accepted into the Executive Program for Nonprofit Leaders to be held at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Through a new partnership I will be representing CEN as this is the first time they have sent someone through this particular program. I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity. The program is a “ten-day residential program designed to further the professional development of leaders in the nonprofit sector” and I want it to start tomorrow!

Christmas in the Park