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At CEN, we believe that the most effective organizations are those that have high-performing boards working in partnership with a strong chief executive. Our board consulting program fosters this principle, offering tailored consultations to meet your organization's needs. Whether you are looking for a basic refresher on board roles, an in-depth training, or an all day custom-designed retreat, CEN can provide an engagement that meets your needs and your budget. Interested in working with one of our consultants? Please complete our Consulting Intake Form to explore an engagement with CEN. 



"[CEN] helped Pedrozzi Foundation board members fully understand and internalize its role and responsibilities.  Through an informative and engaging session, CEN explained the various roles the board performs, the relationship between board and staff, and the difference between speaking as a Board versus as an individual board member and volunteer.  During an additional training, CEN guided board members through a more in depth discussion of their import role in fundraising - from making personal donations through encouraging others to do the same.  Strong organizations have strong boards, and the insight gained from CEN consulting services is a valuable tool for the Foundation."

- Carolyn Siegfried (Executive Director, Pedrozzi Foundation)



CEN’s unique approach to Board Consulting

We believe a successful training starts well before we step into your board meeting. CEN's consultants will identify your organization's unique struggles and opportunities ahead of time and then design a custom plan to meet your goals. In order to do so, we have developed a comprehensive intake form that we ask both executives and board chairs to complete before entering into an engagement with CEN. This is followed by an online board self-assessment survey - based on BoardSource’s book, Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards - which we ask the executive and each board member to complete. Armed with a baseline for expectations, we work with you to set new goals for improvement. Each survey is customized for our clients based on organization size, goals, and need. These consultations are conducted by CEN Leadership Development Specialists, Illyasha Peete and Shana Peete, both trained BoardSource Governance Consultants.


Our Basic Board Consulting Engagement

An initial consultation (1+ hours) with the organization's Executive Director and/or Board Chair to assess the needs of the Board

Board self-assessment, administered and reviewed by CEN consultant - online, about 20 minutes/board member

A customized presentation (at a scheduled board meeting/retreat) which includes practical exercises and facilitated discussions, designed to promote long term board effectiveness and productivity

A resource packet which includes in-depth information on all the subjects covered and follow up exercises for your board’s continued learning

Follow-up consultation with the Executive Director and Board leaders, if desired


Custom Training & Retreats

We can provide the tailored consultation your board is looking for! Please complete our intake form (below) so we understand your desired outcomes and can suggest a customized training plan to meet your organization's needs. 



To explore a CEN consulting engagement, please complete our Consulting Intake Form


Questions? Contact CEN_information@cen.org or 650.517.5855



"CEN recently came and facilitated our board retreat this past February. They provided a most excellent day which was filled with professional development of the board members, strategic-development activities, and a truly effective visionary planning session. They kept the board members very focused with positive supportive guidance. I found their sense of humor, empathy, and facilitation skills to be so effective and impactful for our leadership team, and I would definitely recommend CEN to any nonprofit team wanting to take their game to the next level."

- DeAnna Pursai (Executive Director, College of Adaptive Arts)



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