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Imagine what the nonprofits you care about and support could do with more training and resources. A lot of incredible work is already being done each day to better our communities, but what if your donations could go even farther and make an even deeper impact? CEN's mission is to make that happen! We work with hundreds of nonprofit leaders each year, positively impacting thousands of individuals and families that rely on the services of safety-net organizations to survive. CEN works with these leaders to build and strengthen the infrastructure of their nonprofit, cultivate the talent in their organization, and ultimately help them become more strategic and impactful. By supporting CEN, you can leverage your investments in the communities and causes you care about.  





“An organization that fails to develop its people will find it more difficult to effectively achieve its goals… (nonprofits) are failing to develop their most promising pool of talent: homegrown leaders”

- Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Nonprofit Leadership Development Deficit, October, 2015

It is no secret that effective leaders have the capacity to build stronger organizations, greatly benefiting the communities that rely on their services. Nonprofit executives and board members know the value of professional development, but the question remains:  how does one decide between an immediate investment in core programs, or a long term investment in training your staff and leadership? Your support of CEN means leaders don’t have to make this choice. 



CEN’s mission is to support nonprofit leaders! We have a unique approach to nonprofit professional development. Through our high-touch leadership training programs, we build long-term relationships and help our nonprofit clients achieve transformational change. We could not do this work without the support of our generous donor community. Will you join them in supporting our work? Your investment in CEN will go toward offsetting the cost of our programs so that they continue to be affordable and accessible to nonprofit leaders.