CEN Training Calendar

In response to COVID-19, CEN has moved all of our programs online, offering virtual training opportunities that merge fundamental best practices with crisis management resources and opportunities for peer-to-peer connections and support. Additionally, we're offering special discounts and payment plans to make these offerings increasingly accessible during this challenging time (more details can be found on each registration page).


As an organization, we are deeply committed to inclusion, diversity, equity, access, and liberation (IDEAL) principles, which are reflected in how we operate every day and in the curriculum of all our offerings, below. As a nonprofit ourselves, we understand the multitude of roadblocks that nonprofit leaders and organizations face and design all of our programming with that unique perspective. Additionally, we acknowledge that it is often a challenge to fund professional development and offer a wide variety of scholarship opportunities. To further support these efforts, thanks to funding from the Applied Materials Foundation, Santa Clara County nonprofits can now access deep discounts on any "CEN TRAINING" workshop. Check out the individual registration pages below to learn more.

Upcoming Events