Our Strategic Partnership With Hiland Consulting

As a result of this new partnership CEN members can get lifetime access to Hiland Consulting’s Board Orientation Success for just $497 (a $200 savings!).

One of the biggest opportunities you have to ensure your board realizes its full potential is in orienting new board members effectively.  Most nonprofits have board orientations that focus on information about the nonprofit itself, yet don’t have an efficient and consistent way to make sure board members understand their governing roles and responsibilities as well. CEN is partnering with Hiland Consulting to address this challenge. CEN members, click here to get discounted Board Orientation Success today!



About Board Orientation Success

Board Orientation Success is delivered in 5 short, manageable training modules that provide a comprehensive view of all nonprofit governance entails. Board members will get all they need to know to be effective and benefit your nonprofit.

As a member of CEN, you and your organization can get a 30% discount on lifetime access to Board Orientation Success!

Each module includes a downloadable Action Guide that summarizes the module and provides action steps to reinforce the learning. The Easy online access 24/7 is completely automated—it doesn’t take your time or anyone else’s to set up.


"This resource was a big help in my first role as an Executive Director. Having Board Orientation Success gave me the assurance that we were supporting our board members to be the best they can be as partners in achieving our nonprofit’s impact. It is all too common that organizations have no true board member orientation. In addition, the board members and executive directors of these organizations do not have the resources and time to create them. That’s why, as the Executive Director of CEN, I am delighted to partner with Mary Hiland to bring Board Orientation Success to our members at significant savings. We hope that you will take advantage of this great member benefit!


Mary is also hosting a free webinar: 3 Biggest Mistakes Nonprofit Leaders Make Orienting Board Members That Cost Time and Resources! Register here to join the webinar and learn about Board Orientation Success and what it can do for you and your board! Now, are you ready to fully unleash the potential of your board?

Current Members: Get Board Orientation Success Now!

Nonmembers: Join CEN and get significant savings on this valuable program. 


About Hiland Consulting

Mary Hiland, Ph.D. has been involved with nonprofits for over 40 years. She began as a volunteer and became staff and then an executive director. She truly “grew up” in nonprofits: growing a $100,000 nonprofit to a much larger one with 530 staff and a budget of $26 million. She understands first-hand the challenges executive directors and board members experience. She’s been on both sides of the table: 26 years as an executive coupled with 17 years of board service.

Mary created Hiland Consulting and has been coaching, mentoring, and consulting with nonprofit leaders for over 16 years now. Learn more about Mary and Hiland Consulting at www.hilandconsulting.org.