"The CEN Leaders Institute experience is a powerful one for a nonprofit executive director. Through my experience with CEN, I was able to take away many strategic tools that will aid me in nonprofit leadership going forward. The curriculum is thorough, applicable and a great source of support as we lead our organizations. This institute also leverages relationships with highly tenured professionals that CEN brings in as guest speakers. As a member of a cohort I was so appreciative of the relationships I formed with my fellow executive directors. Jennifer and her team have a wealth of knowledge and are so committed to the mission of CEN. As a 2nd generation nonprofit executive director I know how important the work of CEN is to our community. As they support and educate the executive director, the executive director brings this energy and knowledge back to their organization, thus having a powerful ripple effect. I am confident that CEN is a pivotal partner in the success of the vast amount of nonprofit human service work that is happening here in the Silicon Valley.”

- Larissa Robideaux (Current CEN Executive Director and former leader of JW House)





 "CEN has not taught me how to work harder...

CEN has taught me how to work  smarter!”

- Ryan Kawamoto (Former Executive Director, Yu-Ai Kai)






"CEN masterfully led Governance and Fundraising training sessions for our Board of Directors, which led to greatly strengthening our Board structure, leadership, and engagement.  CEN has created a rich learning community through their profound knowledge and exceptional consultants."

- Becky Cooper (Executive Director, Friends for Youth)





"Overall, the classes I took at CEN helped me fully understand my role and strengths as a nonprofit leader. Even though I don't have a formal degree in nonprofit management, after experiencing the programs and resources that CEN has to offer, it feels like I do. For that I am forever grateful!”

- Vera Packard (Executive Director, Lazarex Cancer Foundation)





 "… this is exactly what the program does for you, it puts the paddles to your chest and says 'clear' and then 'boom' you are alive again.

- Jason Minsky (Executive Director, Christmas in the Park)