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New Board Member Orientation

Bring your best to Board Service! Are you a new board member looking for a better grasp on what this role means and what your responsibilities are?  Are you interested in exploring ways to better serve your nonprofit? Check out our New Board Member Orientation consulting services and learn how to ‘bring your best’ to board service and better understand the nonprofit industry!



What is included...

Individual or group training, set up at your convenience

Self-Assessment on current board knowledge

Customized orientation to board service and the nonprofit industry

Membership into CEN’s Board of Director Cohort – which includes on-going information sharing, networking opportunities and continuing board education


Program Cost:

$125 for the first person and $75 for each additional person (Travel is an additional $50 per engagement )

For more information contact Donna Wies at donna@cen.org or 650.517.5854