Nonprofit Sector Jobs

CEN is committed to helping build the capacity of the nonprofits in our community! One key component is having the best possible team.  For this reason, we have compiled a list of resources for you to find your next opportunity in the nonprofit sector or post open positions at your organizations. 


CEN's LinkedIn Network

Our CEN LinkedIn Group (please note, this link redirects you to sign in on LinkedIn before you can join the group) is a great resource for nonprofit professionals looking for a new job or interested in posting open positions at their organization. Postings are free for all group members! Once you've joined the group - and we've approved your request! - simply post your position, or search for an open position, under the "jobs" tab. These job ads expire every two weeks, so we recommend that you continue reposting your job (or any others in the sector you want to promote) until the position has been filled.

If our LinkedIn network is of interest, we strongly encourage individuals involved with the nonprofit sector to also join in the discussions and share questions and feedback! Click HERE to also follow our LinkedIn Company page. Once you follow, our posts will show up in your news feed – we regularly post useful (& short!) articles on everything nonprofit; management, leadership, fundraising … and much more!


Outside Resources

Northern California Grantmakers

Job Board - https://ncg.org/jobs

The Bridgespan Group

Job Board -  http://www.bridgespan.org/Services-and-Expertise/Services/Nonprofit-Job-Board.aspx

Philanthropy News Digest 

Job Board - http://philanthropynewsdigest.org/jobs