Nonprofit Workshops

Gain the knowledge and training you need to propel your organization to the next level! CEN offers a wide range of skill building workshops for nonprofit executives, staff members, and board leaders. These small group workshops are designed to feel more like a personal consulting session than a routine training opportunity and are often limited to under 10 registrants. You will have ample time to interact with CEN’s highly trained facilitators and will walk away with the resources and templates needed to implement your learning right away. Each in-person workshop is offered at least twice a year at either the San Jose or Redwood City Sobrato Centers for Nonprofits. Visit our Community Calendar to see a list of upcoming workshops, as well a pricing details and discount opportunities. And remember, space is limited so register early to reserve your spot!


Managing Staff

New Manager Basics – Level 101

Intended for new managers, this class will show you how to set expectations amongst direct reports, manage performance day to day, and tackle difficult conversations while still providing valuable feedback.

Leading Through Difficult Staff Dynamics – Level 201

Build a foundation of trust by understanding working styles and setting workplace expectations. We’ll review your unique struggles and identify ways to turn a currently dysfunctional employee/team into a high performing asset.

Hiring and Developing Talent – Level 201

Explore strategies to identify the talent you want on your team, and learn interview techniques to better assess candidates upfront, as well as what it take to help them excel in this new position, starting from day one.

Developing a High Performing Team (Group Workshop)

Learn to create better teams, leverage assets, and help your existing team work together more effectively. Teams will discover ways to overcome barriers and understand each other’s working styles. We will also show you how to use team charters to set your team(s) up for success, as well as review tips for establishing great team meetings.

Nonprofit Sector Skill Building

Fundraising Basics - Level 101

Participants will explore the basic fundraising process, review the board’s role in fundraising, gain the framework to build a comprehensive fundraising plan, and learn how to develop and communicate a case for support.

Understanding Nonprofit Financials, Level 101

Review the basic elements of common nonprofit financial statements and identify tips to better understand what they mean, how they determine an organization’s health, and ways to use this info to make strategic decisions.

Organizational Management & Leadership

Sustaining Your Organization Through Staff & ED Transitions

Two Part Workshop: The morning session focuses on preparing for smooth staff transitions, at all levels, and the afternoon session is a comprehensive look at how the board and key staff should plan and manage an executive leadership change.  Unique content is addressed in each workshop; they can be taken together or as a one off.

Hands-on Strategic Planning and Thinking

In this session, we will explore various approaches to strategic planning and will take a look at how organizations with a limited budget can either tackle this daunting process on their own, or assess what to contract for in order to make those dollars go father. Participants will learn how strategic plans can be adapted to meet the needs of small and mid-size organizations, as well as how to make strategic thinking an integral part of the way your organization does business.

Board Training & Development Topics

Nonprofit Board Essentials

This workshop is an orientation to nonprofit board service, great for prospective board members and new recruits. Participants will get an in-depth overview of the 10 basic roles and responsibilities of board service.

Recruiting & Retaining a High Performing Board

Explore tactics for effectively identifying what board talent your organization needs, gain practical ways to find and develop these board candidates, and discuss strategies to keep them engaged once they’ve joined the board.

Getting the Most out of your Board

Learn to effectively “manage up” to build stronger relationships and move your board toward excellence, and leave with a strong understanding of board management best practices and a basic plan to begin implementation.

Now you’re the board chair…

Take a deep dive on how to maximize the critical relationship between board chair and CEO, review best practices of board governance/leadership, and leave with tools to ensure your board meetings are efficient and generative.

Better Meetings, Better Boards

In this workshop, you'll learn how to make the shift toward well run meetings that are an asset to the organization instead of a drain on time and resources. The techniques can also be used to improve committee/staff meetings.