CEN TRAINING | Hiring and Developing Talent | Redwood City, 6/19
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June 19, 2018 | -


Hiring and Developing Talent


"This workshop provided tangible material which can immediately be brought back to develop growth in current team, as well as understanding how to better add new employees."

- Kara Riordan, Mulberry School





Workshop Description

The process of hiring new employees often takes a significant investment of time and energy. It can be tempting to cut corners… but in the long run, hiring the wrong employee is not only disruptive to your team, it also ends up being even more time consuming and expensive. On the other hand, hiring the right employee - and setting them up for success - can help propel your mission forward.  In this workshop, you will learn tips to assess and define your organization’s needs and values before you begin the hiring process, gain insight to develop strong job descriptions that will attract the right talent, and examine the interview process and how you can embed case studies to better evaluate candidates. You will also walk away with a framework to help new hires excel in their roles, starting from day one.


"Tools presented were practical, necessary, and extremely useful when leading employees to strengthen the organization, as a team. Keeping your mission and values at the forefront of decision making and day-to-day business is key."

- Jane Murphy


Intended Audience: Nonprofit staff managers and executive directors [This workshop is best for individuals that are relatively new to the hiring process or are looking for a general refresh.] 


  • Explore how you can use your mission and values to determine your hiring goals
  • Gain a template for creating stronger job descriptions
  • Learn how to develop questions to identify the behaviors and competencies you want in your next employee
  • Create a plan for success with a proper orientation and expectation setting



When: June 19, 2018  9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Where: 350 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood City, CA 94065 (Harbor Room)

Cost: CEN Members - $75 | Non-members - $150

Instructor: Jennifer Simmons

"The program exceeded my expectations and I appreciated being able to take advantage of the Applied Materials Sponsorship. Great value and I will look out for future workshops."
- Joe Salvato




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